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Recommendation Eyrie

As a fan of the first book in the Society of Feathers series, Owlet, I’ve been looking forward to the latest installment, Eyrie. Too often in literature we come across characters that defy reality. By that I don’t mean that they defy logic or the realm of possibility. I’m a fantasy and science fiction lover – to me anything is possible. No, I refer to characters that do not make ‘human’ decisions, or ones that no feeling, thinking human being would necessarily make in an extraordinary situation.

This is why I love this series. Iris is a real human being. She makes decisions based off of her emotions and thoughts that any of us might make. Humans don’t always make perfect decisions and neither does Iris. The people in her world make mistakes and are forced to live with those mistakes. For me, this touch of realism brings me into a world that is far more touchable and authentic to me than the average novel.

Although I really enjoyed the first in the series, Owlet, it was also very flowery. Eyrie has this flowery touch, but another thing that stands out is just how much Emma Michaels has grown as an author. Occasionally you read an author that is a one or two book deal and that is all. But in Emma’s case, her writing style has greatly improved, especially the way she brings her characters and their worlds to life. If she has grown this far in just a short time, I can’t wait for her books a decade from now.

It’s not just her writing style but the worlds she brings to life. She clearly has a rich, full imagination and mostly importantly as a reader I can tell she loves what she does. She still has some growing to do, but the heart, story and content are all there. I would heartily recommend the story to anyone who loves a good fantasy with a flourish.

If like me you are not always into stories with a flourish, I’ve been fortunate enough to read some of her recent short stories that she has done post-Eyrie. If you are interested in checking out her work without the flowery style, try her piece in the Holiday Magic anthology. She really shines through with her writing and her creativity.

Like her main character Iris in the Society of Feathers series, Emma Michaels is growing with each new installment. Give it a try – you won’t be sorry!

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