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Interview 0 Comments 17th October, 2013

 Celebrating the opening of my new blog and Author/Artist Wednesdays within my hidden library, here is a wonderful interview by the award winning Emma Michaels, author of the series The Society of Feathers!



Hello Ms. Michaels! Thank you for letting me interview you today. You’re one of the first authors I’ve gotten to interview and I must say to have you here today makes me very fortunate!

Emma: Thank you for inviting me! I am thrilled to be one of your first!

So please sit down with me, enjoy a nice cup of tea, have a scone and let’s begin the interview!

Emma: Ahhh a nice cup of Earl Grey.

1. When did you first come to realize that you were destined to be an author?

Emma: Hmmm… interesting question. It was a process really. It wasn’t obvious to me, I had taken a long time to catch on to reading growing up, even longer to catch on to writing and my excessive creativity was criticized because I was a fan of breaking rules. When it came down to it there was a moment when my fiancé asked me what I wanted to do if I could do anything and I just answered even though I had never really thought about it before. I said “author” and when I said it I somehow knew it was true. My room was littered with notebooks and always had been, I guess somewhere along the way when I had to struggle to learn and advance I fell in love with what I was doing and the hard work. I still have a tendency to break rules though. ;p

2. Do you have an agent? If not, would you be open to having one? Why or why not?

Emma: I do not currently but would be open to one. I feel like when I first came into this I didn’t understand the role an agent plays in the process and now that I do I am a lot more interested and open to it.

3. Has any new author grabbed your interest lately? Why?

Emma: Yes. I am constantly on the look out for new authors. I started out as a book blogger and have continued to blog throughout my writing career so I love finding fresh faces to feature on The Writers Voice ( and Anna Silver is my latest favorite and her novel Otherborn is simply fantastic! The voice is really honest and raw, it is hard hitting but keeps just the right mixture of emotions.

4. I hear you are going to Steamcon. Is Steampunk a genre you are considering getting into?

Emma: Wow, someone does their research. Yes, I am going and have been thinking about trying out a steampunk novel or two. This trip originally started out as a research trip until I got really into it and it ended up becoming research, full blog feature, volunteering, etc. etc. etc. What can I say, I always go full steam ahead. :p

5. Is it true you are going to be modeling on the fashion runway? Are you excited? What kind of dress will you be wearing? Are you going to also be a model in the future?

Emma: Yes, I will be. Yes, I am super excited. The designer is Laura Sinclair McShane and I actually hadn’t even been seriously considering it until I found out she would be making the outfit and then jumped at the chance to get to wear one of her amazing creations. I have always been a bit interested in modeling but a few members of my family felt it would be best if I waited until I was over 18. I ended up losing interest until now. I don’t know if it is something I will seriously pursue or not but it is definitely something I enjoy doing.

6. If you could put your favorite author and character of your choice in a novel, what would you have happen?

Emma: Ohhhhhh… all of the ideas that come to mind. Hmmm… I have always had a strange fondness for Mary Shelly and the concept of Frankenstein. I would probably write a novel with the two of them featured. Actually, now that I think about it… *runs off to scribble down idea*

7. Can you tell us about your upcoming book in your current series?

Emma: My Society of Feathers series is a trilogy and I am thrilled that the second book is finally coming out! I have been holding in the biggest twist in the series for all this time! There are a lot of strange twists and turns in the series but the biggest one comes at the end of Eyrie and I can hardly wait to see what my readers think! It was actually one of the first things I knew for sure what going to happen in the series.

8. Do you have any secret projects that you could tell us a little about?

Emma: Yes…. *shifty eyes*  How about I just reveal the current tagline? ‘Sometimes the only way to learn how to live… is to die’. It is a very unusual project because I really just threw out all of the normal barriers I keep up and let myself write with complete freedom. It has been a really amazing experience and even if this book never sees the light of day it has really changed me as a person.

9. What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

Emma: The toughest criticism. Hmmm… well, the toughest constructive criticism was that I shouldn’t be afraid to do a full rewrite or really take my time with a project. It ended up really changing the way I viewed writing and really helped me hone my craft. The best compliment was a librarian who sent me an e-mail about how my novel got one of her students reading again after a tragedy. Knowing the kind of effect reading can have on a person first hand, it really meant the world to me that something my hands had touched or crafted could do that for someone else.

10. Aliens vs. Predators? Whose side are you on? 

Emma: In the games I am alien because it is easier gameplay but in the movies I am predators because… pwn.

11. I heard a rumor that you might be starting your own imprint under a large publisher? Is this true? What will the name be?

Emma: I am impressed with your research. Yes but I can only give out so much info currently. Three friends and I are co-founding an imprint called Hallowed Ink Press.

12. Quite a few young adults and kids really love your books and find them inspirational. Do you have anything you would like to say to them?

Emma: Yes. Thank you for reading and more than that, thank you for making my life the crazy amazing adventure it has become. A book is just paper and ink without a reader, the readers are the ones who really bring worlds alive.

Thank you for answering my questions! Now let’s have another cup of tea before you head out.

Emma: Thank you for having me! Gladly! I am ever so fond of tea. :)

If you are interested in finding out more about the author Emma Michaels, please visit her website!

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